Welcome to our Elementary School!!

After students have been properly prepared from 0 to 5 we are ready to take them to the next step in their educational journey.  At COVID Schools we know that in order for students to truly excel they need resources and options. Let us give you a peek at what students have an opportunity to explore.  

1st GRADE 

Students that enter our program at this point are at the 2nd stage of our program-Reading focus. The first stage began at birth to Pre-K. 

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While reading is an essential part of our program, we will begin to add writing and Art at this stage of our program. 

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At this stage it is critial that all of our students are at least reading on grade level. We will add the spelling of words and Science. 

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By the fourth grade students in our program will be inducted into our STEM/STEAM ACADEMY. What does this mean to be inducted into this academy? It means that students will be able to participate in STEM WARS (Atlanta Georgia), begin to gain scholarship particularly in STEM areas and opportunities for trade apprenticeships and colleges.


We are ready at this stage to dive into the various areas of Science, Technology, Engeneering, Math along with Art and Music. Students will have the opportunity to explore the world of STEM/STEAM. 


Now that we are coming to the end of this stage of our COVID school, the Elementary School, we will take a look at varoius fields that are in the world of STEM/STEAM. Students will also be introduced to some of the "career " areas. 

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