Virtual courses aren’t limited to full online degree programs. In fact, there are tons of classes available in a range of formats to suit different learning styles. Many online courses are offered through colleges or universities, but there are many other websites and organizations that offer classes online. Whether you are looking to get your pre-k child on the right track for education, in high school preparing for college or an adult that want to being a trade that pays well, we have the right program  for you through virtural courses.

Most of our courses begin online through our virtual course modules and then completed with face to face instuction. Credential preparation, college credit, completion certificates or simple personal fulfillment are all possible through online courses, depending on where you look.
The key to finding the right online class is to get familiar with the types of online courses available, how they’re structured and whether they meet the criteria you’re looking for, like cost and outcomes.

To get started follow these four (4) steps listed below. 


Read the information carefully provided on our website and  make a note of the program(s) that best suit you and/ or your child. 


Complete the enrollment form that is provided on this page. Understand that our programs and services are time sensitive. Let us know of any questions you may have on the form. If you have no questions you can pay the discounted registration fee here 


Once your enrollment form has been recieved and processed by one of our intake staff you will receive a call within 48 hours or during the day/time you specified on your form. 


When you are contacted, you will be contacted to be interviewed  for intake into the program (if you already paid the discounted fee). If you havent paid the fee at the time of the call. You will receive a brief consultation and will be directed to pay the registration fee  


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